minot c.1969


the beach was new to me. there were large rocks and various sea creatures. i spent much of my time there alone. once i learned to swim, there were other things. but at first i concentrated on the rocks.


learning the way to the top of the largest rock was tricky. on the first leg of the journey i kept close to the side. once i mastered that, i needed to make a leap of faith to continue. there was a turn and a large stretch to get to the top. i had to trust that my legs were long enough without knowing. many times i started. many times i didnt get to the top. once i made the leap, i realised something. there was more than one way down.


high tide meant leaps into unknown territory, with uncertain consequences. low tide meant the possibility of damage if i made a bad step. there was no easy way down. i was afraid to retrace my steps. at the top of that rock, i discovered another leap. like the first i had to trust myself, i had to leap without seeing. i stayed at the top a long time. i found a way down, and then made my way back up.


there was a hole in the middle of that large rock. it was deep and dark. at the bottom, sand and water. the sides were slick, i could see that. at first i didnt venture into the well, i stared into it. around to the back of the rock was another entrance to the well. at the waterline, barnacles and seaweed, daunting obstacles at best. i travelled many paths on the rock, but i feared the well. once at low tide, from the back, i climbed halfway up, into the dark of the well. the slime made it hard to keep going. it was too dark to see my next hand or foothhold. if i waited, i would be swallowed by the incoming tide. i had to continue with out seeing, i had to feel my way up and out.

minot c. 1969

i was seven. my folks had split. our family was splintered. i spent part of that summer in a rented house, my grandparents cottage and at the rock. at the rental and the cottage, i was confused. people didnt tell me things. i didnt see my father or my oldest brother. my mother took up with another man. that rock made me trust myself when i couldnt trust anyone. that rock made me know i was capable, that i could do things. that rock made me feel happy when everything around me was sharper than any barnacle. i havent been back there for many years.

id like to try that rock again…


11 Responses to “minot c.1969”

  1. QuillDancer Says:

    The challenge of the rock stayed ever the same. You could test yourself against it because the rules didn’t change. If only everything in life was as “safe” and certain as the danger of that rock.

  2. May I Introduce You To . . . . « Quilly’s Quips Says:

    […] May 13th, 2007 in Internet Rendall Tilden. She has just ventured into the world of blogging. Be neighborly. Stop by and say […]

  3. Bazza Says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, were you can meet people who come from places you’ve never heard of, like Hull.

  4. Doug Says:

    Nice to meet you Rendal. That’s a nice story. I’m puzzled that there’s a beach in Minot, though.

  5. The Old Fart Says:

    Hello Rendall

    welcome to the world of blogging, Quilly has asked all her friends to stop by and say hello.

    Stop by my blog and have a visit.


  6. rendall tilden Says:

    bazza ~ ive heard of hull, spent a little time there to… thanks for stopping by.

    doug ~ the beach is called minot, a lighthouse on a ledge shares the name…

    T.O.F ~ thanks for the invite, ill see you there soon

  7. J.D. Says:

    Hi Rendall……….I’m pretty new at this, also. You’ve already figured out how to get that teeny, tiny picture come up beside your name. Good going. I’m still working on my lists of books, movies and music and have been here since mid March. Isn’t technology great? You’ll be speaking to really neat and some very talented people from all over Europe and North America or even the world. They are good enough to help us beginners when we get bogged down. I should be called “Bogged in Blogville”, but, I’m “Wandering and Barely Conscious” and my name is J.D. Welcome!

  8. Penguin Says:

    Quilly sent me….
    *hands her some flowers*

    welcome to teh neighbourhood. It´ll grow constantly now…make sure you have your garage closed and teh BBQ in teh back garden where nobody sees you 🙂

  9. QuillDancer Says:

    Hey, you said you were looking for something to put on your blog, so I tagged you at my place. Come read the post (Friday a.m.) and play if you want — no pressure.

  10. MikeM Says:

    Great blog!! I will be back for more!!

  11. rendall tilden Says:

    how did you find me

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